The Optimum Impact Foundation is a children and youth development foundation with a focus on holistic development of African children and youths for global impact.We ignite greatness,activate innovation,accelerate leadership quotients,improve cognitive/academic performance,mold ethical characters,develop multiple intelligence,sustain African culture of respect,build self confidence of children and youths.
We are a leadership learning and development platform,a school of thinking,a youth social/behavioural innovation incubator,a business school,a community builder,a positive change agent,a think tank,a children and youth holistic development advocate,a character molder,a talent discovery/enhancing center,a sport/life coach,a health advocate,a success mentor and research center -all rolled into one.



Transforming ,inspiring,and developing leadership capability in children and youth for global impact.




To be directly responsible for developing 2 million young future leaders across Nigeria and Africa




In other to develop young adults into strong,healthy,confident,innovative,dynamic,successful ,intelligent and ethical global leaders, we use a combination of development intervention including but not limited to

1.Experiential action learning methodology in all our educational /camping events.



4.Games and Sports

5.Community projects

6.Children and youth Advocacy


8.Psychoanalysis and behavioural therapy

9.Infrastructural development

10.Health awareness seminars and supporting children health initiatives

11.Educational sponsorship programs