7. You can choose to have a sense of humor. When you do something silly (everyone does), don’t miss the opportunity to laugh at yourself.

It’s one of life’s great joys. I’ve done lots of loony things, and I’ve provided myself (and others) with many happy hours of entertainment. Once I was invited to give a talk to some senior citizens at a rest home. Without checking the address carefully, I mistakenly charged into the Board of Realtors and announced to their startled faces that I was there to teach them a lesson on honesty! If you laugh a lot, you’ll be healthier. Laughter releases good chemicals in your body that stimulate you and can help you to grow

8. You can choose to be a good sport. This attitude can win you friends even if you don’t win the game or competition. Being a good sport means losing gracefully-smiling, shaking hands with the winner, not blaming other people or circumstances for your loss. As 16-year-old Alissa Harman explained, “I ran in the race even though I knew I wouldn’t win.”
Being a good sport also means not pounding your chest Tarzan-style or gloating when you’re victorious. In other words ..

9. You can choose to be humble. People who toot their own horns seldom attract an audience. If you’re genuinely interested in others, they’ll see your good qualities even if you don’t
advertise They won’t feel that you’re trying to one-up them. They can relax around you and be themselves.

10. You can choose to have faith. For some people, this means believing in God or another Higher Being/Higher Power. Others put their faith in their country, in other people, in things, or in themselves. Having faith means believing that things will work out for you and that you can work things out for yourself. If you expect to fail, you probably will. If you expect to achieve, you’re much more likely to reach your goal.

“When the legends die, the dreams die. When the dreams die, there is no greatness.” Ute Indian Nation saying

  1. You can choose to have hope. Without hope, life has no meaning or point. We expect nothing, plan nothing, and don’t set goals for ourselves (why bothers).Hope may be your most important positive attitude-the basis for all the others. What do you hope for? What are your dreams? What are your ambitions? Your purpose in life? If you’re willing  to consider these questions, you’re already a hopeful person.”’Hope’ is the thing with feathers- That perches on the soul- And sings the tune without the words- And never stops-at all-” Emily Dickinson


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