Summary: Your child evolves in intelligence as he grows So It important you know his intelligence strength profile so its easier to improve on the other intelligence and take advantage of it.. since each intelligence don’t exist independently they always interact with each other in complex ways which gives a unique output.

We are all smart in different ways, some more than others and we can develop our intelligence and use it for self improvement. Everyone possess all the different intelligence to some degree. For example all kids have the ability to be musical but some would grow up to be composers while others singers or musicians but majority would love to listen or dance to music

  • Word smart ( linguistic intelligence): you ; People who are particularly smart in this area can argue, persuade, entertain, or instruct effectively through the spoken word like words and how they’re used in reading, writing, or speaking. You may enjoy words play and words games, foreign languages, storytelling, spelling, creative writing, or reading.
  • Music smart (musical intelligence): Key features of this intelligence are the capacity to perceive, appreciate and produce rhythms and melodies. it’s the intelligence of a Bach, Beethoven, or Brahms, and also that of a Balinese gamelan player or a Yugoslavian epic singer. you appreciate music, rhythm, melody and patterns in sounds. You are capable of hearing tone and pitch. You may appreciate many different kind of music and enjoy activities like singing, playing instruments, listening to music, or attending concerts.
If given the necessary encouragement and instruction most young adults can become competent in every intelligence
  • Logical smart (logical mathematical intelligence): is the intelligence of number and logic. This is the intelligence of scientist, accountant, and computer programmer you enjoy figuring things out and may understand number and math concepts, like finding patterns, and have fun with science. You may like riddles, brain teasers, computer, creating your own codes, or doing science experiments.
  • Picture smart (spatial intelligence): and involves thinking in pictures and images and the ability to perceive, transform, and recreate different aspects of visual_ spatial words you love to look at the world and see all the interesting things in it. You may be able to picture things or images in your head. You may be able to take what you see and use your imaginations to show others your vision through art, design, photography, architecture, or invention.
  • Body smart (bodily kinesthetic intelligence): it’s includes talents in controlling one’s body movement and also in handling objects skillfully. Athletes, craftspeople, mechanics, and surgeons possess a great measure of this kind of thinking. you’re graceful and comfortable in your body, using it to learn new skills or to express yourself in different ways. You may be an athlete or use your body artistically in dance or acting. Or you may have more interest in working with your hands and doing activities like crafts, building models, or repairing things.
  • People smart (interpersonal intelligence): This is the ability to understand and work with other people. In particular, it requires a capacity to perceive and be responsive to the moods, temperament, intentions, and desire of others. you are interested in other people and how people interact with each other. you may be part of student government or a peer mediation group at school, have lots of friends , be involved in neighborhood causes, or just enjoy being in casual social groups.
  • Self-smart (intrapersonal intelligence): you are aware of and understand your own feelings, what you are good at, and the areas you want to improve. A person strong in this kind of smart can easily access her own feelings, discriminate between many different kind inner emotional states, and use her self-understanding to enrich and guide her life You often understand yourself better than others understand you. You keep a journal, create plan for the future, reflect on the past, or set goal for yourself.
  • Natural smart (naturalist intelligence): you’re observant and enjoy identifying and classifying things like plants, animals, or rocks. ( if you live in the city, you may classify other things like books or what your classmate wear) you probably love being outdoor and may be interested in gardening taking care of pets, cooking or getting involve in ecological causes .